Auto Maintenance and Diagnostics in Belvidere, IL

Auto Maintenance and Diagnostics in Belvidere, IL

Auto Maintenance and Diagnostics in Belvidere, ILAll cars and trucks require routine maintenance to remain in prime operating condition. The services required by your particular vehicle can be found in its owner's manual, which will inform you of what and when certain maintenance tasks need to be completed. As a dealership alternative the techs at Integrity Auto Care can complete all types of factory auto maintenance in Belvidere for most foreign and domestic cars and trucks. The next time your vehicle is due for service give us a call to schedule an appointment for expert car care.

Oil Change in Belvidere

Routine oil changes are critical for engine health. Fresh oil ensures that the interior engine parts remain properly lubricated and changing the oil filter keeps performance hindering contaminants out of the motor. Most vehicles require this service every 3,000 miles, but give us a call to learn about your car's options.

Timing Belt

If your vehicle is equipped with a timing belt it is crucial to have it replaced when called for by the service guide. Delaying timing belt replacement could allow it to snap, which would result in massive engine damage and a need for expensive repairs.

Fluid Flush Services

All cars and trucks rely on a number of specialized fluids to maximize performance, reliability and efficiency. From time to time these fluids need to be drained and refilled, a service known as a fluid flush. At some point most vehicles will require a coolant flush, transmission flush, differential flush, power steering flush or brake fluid flush, all of which our team can complete.

Tune Up

Vehicle Tune Up in Belvidere, ILDoes your vehicle not seem to be running quite right? It could likely benefit from minor auto maintenance services collectively known as a tune up. A tune up can include replacing spark plugs, installing a new air filter or fuel filter, or completing a fuel injection cleaning service. If you notice a dip in performance give us a call to schedule a tune up in Belvidere.

30/60/90K Service

Many components of factory auto maintenance are often required every 30,000 miles, which is why many people refer to it as 30/60/90K service. During these automotive check ups a vehicle may undergo a variety of maintenances, including safety analysis, computer diagnostics, battery checks and a number of other minor care services.

Modern Diagnostic Equipment

Our facility is equipped with the latest scan tools that can detect many problems onboard all makes and models of vehicles. The investment that we've made into this technology is an investment into our customers, as we want to be able to service their cars, no matter the year, make, model or country of origin. Fast and accurate diagnostics are key to repairing issues in a timely and effective manner, which is exactly what we do.

Free Check Engine Light Diagnostics

Is your check engine light on? Don't ignore it, come see us for a free check engine light scan in Belvidere. We know that it can be scary to find out what is wrong with your car when this little light comes on, but in most cases the issue will be relatively small, at least to begin with. Common check engine light triggers include a loose or broken gas cap, a failing oxygen sensor or a MAF sensor that is unable to read properly. These issues on their own can be quick to repair, but if left unchecked they could lead to much heftier problems, such as a malfunctioning catalytic converter. Do the right thing and come see us for free check engine light diagnostics.

Dashboard Indicator Lights

Dashboard Indicator Lights in Belvidere, ILAside from the check engine light your car is equipped with a number of other dashboard indicator lights that are designed to alert the driver of issues with various automotive systems. If any of these lights, such as the ALT light, battery light, ABS light, oil light, TPMS light or others, come on, come visit us for accurate diagnostics. Our technicians are trained to identify and fix even the most difficult automotive problems. Their years of on the job experience and technical training has prepared them for anything!

When it is time for diagnostics or auto maintenance, we're here for you. Remember, putting off scheduled auto care can result in unnecessary and expensive vehicle repairs. When your car, truck or SUV is due for factory auto maintenance in Belvidere head to Integrity Auto Care. We'll ensure your car is safe and reliable when it leaves our shop! Give us a call at at (815) 566-8357 to schedule an appointment!

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