Common Symptoms of Major Engine Trouble

Common Symptoms of Major Engine Trouble

Common Symptoms of Major Engine TroubleThe engine is the heart of your car. It is what creates the power that gets you from A to B and everywhere in between. While routine maintenance will help ensure it gives your miles upon miles of trouble free travel, there is still the chance of a problem, especially as the odometer rolls skyward. If you ever encounter any of these common signs it is time for engine repair be sure to visit a reputable auto shop at your earliest convenience!

Oil Leak

Nothing should ever be leaking from your car, so if you spot a drop head to the shop! Engine oil is necessary to prevent harsh lubrication between the moving engine parts. Most oil leaks will appear as dark brown or black on the pavement and create a rainbow sheen when wet.

Metal in the Oil

Another sign of trouble related to oil would be metal flakes in the oil that is drained from the motor during an oil change. This is an indication of excessive friction that is causing harsh wear and tear on the engine, which needs to be addressed soon.


A vehicle that is suffering from overheating problems has a problem with the cooling system, which will result in engine damage if left unchecked. Common issues include a failed radiator, a coolant leak or a faulty thermostat.

Knocking Noise

If you hear a knocking noise coming from under the hood the engine bearings may need to be serviced. These bearings support the motion of the engine’s moving parts and if they are not properly lubricated they could fail, resulting in the engine grinding to a halt.

Increased Exhaust Smoke

Any increase in the amount of exhaust your vehicle is creating should be cause for concern, especially if that smoke is colored. Based on the tint of the smoke you can often figure out what may be wrong. Blue smoke is a sign of burning oil, white smoke indicates boiling coolant and black smoke often means too much gas is being burned.

Check Engine Light

The check engine light can represent any number of problems, but most are relatively small, so long as you act quick to repair them. The moment that light comes on be sure to visit you local shop for computer diagnostics.

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